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Devlog Update #10

Happy New Year (a month late…) everybody!! With the new year comes a long overdue update about the game. I have quite a bit to share and some good news!

After taking a long break from the game I finally started working on it again in November. I wanted to make a new demo that showcases the improvements I’ve made and the new direction of the game. Well it’s almost here! The new demo consists of the first level of the game taking place as you arrive outside the house. There’s a new character controller, new interaction system, an inventory system, a health system, rebindable keys, graphics settings and a couple more goodies that you’ll have to find out by playing. The first level isn’t too long and is mainly a sort of tutorial to get you used to the controls and how the game will operate. I think the changes are for the better and you’ll like what you see and where the game is heading. All I have left is to record the new voice-overs (with a better microphone this time) and then put them in and release it. (Yes, that’s my voice in the game, a professional voice actor will be used for the final release, LOL!)

Now that the foundation of the game is set I can work on fixing all the old scenes and implementing all the new features. The inside of the house is going to change from the previous demo. I realized all the mistakes I made when building it and promise the new house will be much better! No more wandering around waiting for doors to open, now the story will guide you and you’ll have a purpose for everything you do in the game. Oh, and wait… why is there a health system unless there’s a way to get hurt??? Well you’re just going to have to wait and see what lies ahead 😉

More updates will follow as more progress is made. But I am working on it daily so progress will come faster than the last year provided. Here’s a few images of what’s to come. I hope you like what you read and see and I can’t wait to show you the new demo!







Devlog Update #4


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted an update so I figured I better let everybody know that I’m still here and still working on the game. I had a demo ready to be released to the public this week but after sending it out for testing and getting some feedback I realized there were some small changes needed before officially releasing it. Nothing too major, just a few lighting changes and a little of the story. So once again, I’m hoping that by next week the demo will finally be released. Of course I’ve said that more than once, LOL! But I really mean it this time, it’s just that I’m too much of a perfectionist to send something out for everyone to see unless it’s the best I can make it…

I’ve been working on a logo reveal for the beginning of the game and for videos, etc. I have a pretty good one made to use in videos but unfortunately it doesn’t play well inside the game. So now I’m making another one just for the beginning of the game which should be in the demo. I’m also working on a pause menu and quality settings menu, not sure if they’ll be ready in time for the demo. Since the demo isn’t very long, a pause menu isn’t really necessary, it’s more for future releases. And some quality settings can be set before the game loads up already, they’re just limited. I also added some ambient sounds and some fitting music that triggers at certain points in the game. It helps set the mood and I think I did a pretty good job of picking the right tracks, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Other than working on the demo level, which is basically the second level of the game, I also did a little more work on the third level (upstairs of the house) and the fourth level (outside behind the house). I usually plug away at those when I need a change of pace from working on the demo. It’s nice to switch it up a bit, keeps it from getting too repetitive. As far as the upstairs goes, a colleague helped me out with some animations. They came out looking good and I learned some new things. I also finished up the full layout and started adding some props. Out back I added a secret building and a secret asset….and no, I’m not telling what they are. You’ll just have to wait until the game is finished to find out, LOL!

Well I suppose that’s it for now, everything is really coming together and looking good 🙂 I guess I better get back to working on that demo so I can release it for real next week! Thanks for reading and I hope you take the time to play the demo when it’s ready. I have a good feeling about it and I think the wait will be well worth it. Until next time, cheers!


Devlog Update #3

Hello everybody! An update is way past due so here goes…

I’ve been spending as much time as possible working on They’re Gone. A basic start menu has been created, the downstairs scene has been populated with more props, bugs have been squashed, effects have been added and the backyard scene has been started. I also had the fortunate luck of befriending an advanced Unity developer/Unity Asset Store artist (under the name Gabro Media) that has given me some much needed advice and also took the time out of his day to remotely set up some proper lighting in the game. I’m very grateful for all his help and will include his info on the Contact page of my website. He does quality work and if you need some assets for your game go check out what he has to offer!

They’re Gone will have a downloadable demo coming to Itch.io very soon! I’m very excited about this and hope it will bring some new fans to the game. The demo has been tested already with positive results so I think it’s time to put it out there for all to see. I just want to go through and make sure everything’s as good as it can be for now before uploading it to the site. The download will be free but donations will be accepted from the site. Donations will help me add more to the game and a percentage will go to Itch.io to help them with running the site.

I’m working on a proper trailer for the game with some new video editing software I just purchased. There’s a bit of a learning curve to it but things are already coming together. Look for it to be released hopefully sometime this week.

The Steam Greenlight Concepts page of They’re Gone has received mostly positive feedback. I didn’t get as much feedback as I would have liked, but it was enough to let me know that it could possibly do well in the actual Greenlight voting process. So after a trailer is made and a little more progress is made on the game I’ll be making the move to the Greenlight voting process and HOPEFULLY receive enough votes to get Greenlit 😉 I’ll post a dedicated page for it here on the site whenever I start the campaign.

That’s it for this update, thanks for taking the time to read it! I’m sure I forgot to mention something, a lot is going on and it can be a little overwhelming at times. Keep an eye out for that trailer video this week. As always, I like to include a screenshot of some of the progress of the game, so here’s a little teaser of the backyard. See ya next time!


Screenshot 1-25-16