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Testing the UI and flashlight

UI/Flashlight Test

Devlog Update #1

Hello all, I just felt like posting a quick update on the progress of the game. There’s been a lot of exciting things going on lately, but not necessarily a whole lot of work being done on the actual game, at least not on the visual side of it. This past weekend I finished writing the outline of the game as well as writing some of the story and dialogue for the first and second levels. I’ve also been busy making several different prototype levels to get a general idea of how they would look and where I’m going with everything. I posted screenshots of some of the them but others I decided weren’t worth sharing or were too broken for a good screenshot. But hey, they’re just prototypes after all and not meant to be actual game levels.

I remember reading an article a while back (I can’t remember where) on game development and how you should make your first level last. The reason behind this is because towards the end of development you’ve realized your strengths and weaknesses and where you could have made better decisions. So if you make your first level after all the other levels are done it should turn out as your best level, which will make a good first impression to the player and influence some of the mood of the game. So as hard as it is for me to do, I’m going to start by developing my second level first. I’m hoping to actually start making it very soon but I don’t want to jump into it too fast like I have in the past. For now I’ll share a screenshot of one of the many prototypes of the second level that I’ll be starting on first (am I confusing the hell out of you yet? LOL!). Here is a pic of what the second level may sort of look like… and yes, for those who have been following my progress for a while, it may look a little familiar….

Screenshot 2015-10-19

Thanks for reading and for the support, see ya next update!